Investment Consulting

Investment Consulting on Abroad: MIB Economics and Investment Consulting team to work for Investment organizations on abroad in order to assist Turkish investors on abroad specially ,Usa & Africa for foreign direct investment, being responsible for attracting and facilitating inward investment into country on abroad.

MIB services are provided to Turkish investors, such as sector-specific advice and business opportunities on abroad, business incorporation procedures, costs of business models, employment legislation and recruiting interns, immigration requirements, trade mark registration and trade regulations, help with finding the right business service providers to support the establishment of Turkish companies on abroad (accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, human resource companies etc), advice on finding the right business location, liaison with Government departments to help apply for necessary licences, advice on applying for work visas, advice for business expansion on aborad.

Investment Consulting in Turkey: Turkey, with its young population, qualified and dynamic labour force, infrastructure in telecommunications, financial and banking sectors and with its strategic regional position, offers important opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors in the 21st century.

 MIB offers the following investment consulting services:

  • Sector Studies:Having expertise and knowledge in various sectors, MIB prepares detailed market and sector studies.
  • Strategy Advice:MIB helps Turkish and foreign investors in formulating the appropriate market entry strategy and in identifying suitable partners. For this, MIB prepares detailed systems analyses, efficiency analyses and asset valuations, and assists in mergers and acquisitions. In addition, MIB offers services to investors interested in the privatization opportunities.
  • Company Establishment:Foreign investors are advised on how a company can be established in Turkey,Usa & Africa and how they can profit from investment incentives. Assistance in legal and bureaucratic affairs is provided.
  • HR Support:MIB provides assistance in human resources planning and in getting work permits for foreign staff.
  • Communication Strategy:MIB helps its clients in identifying the most effective communication and marketing strategy.
  • Real Estate:Research and advice are provided to investors interested in real estate (office/industrial, residential, leisure, retail).


International Business Development

MIB helps its clients to develop their international business by searching for projects that may be of interest and assists them in their efforts to increase their export by searching for new markets and new customers.  Moreover, in line with the EU integration and taking into account the effects of globalization, MIB provides technical assistance to private and governmental organizations for their capacity building and restructuring while developing innovative strategies.In addition, MIB informs its clients about the functioning of the EU institutions, decision-making procedures and helps its clients to identify the most effective communication methods.


Economic, Social and Regional Development

 MIB provides consultancy services related to the economic, social and regional development, to strengthen and improve:

  •  Regional competitiveness
  •  SME and business development
  •   Innovation
  •  Women entrepreneurship
  •  Human resources management
  •  Balance between urban and rural development
  •  Social dialogue
  •  Environmental development


Project Finance / Fund Raising

With its broad knowledge and experience in international grants and loans, MIB helps public institutions, local authorities, NGOs and private sector companies who are in need of financial assistance for the implementation of their projects. Following a detailed analysis of the project, the kind of grant or loan needed is determined, and the project is matched with the best-suited financing source. MIB provides also assistance in the preparation of the application files.